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Hey Hey, I make a few things for Gumroad sales like Avatar Textures! Come check them out, or try them out before by using one of my public avatars!Click the Logo Below to view the store!



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Lunar Avatar Photo - Click for Portfolio

Base Pricing
Avatar Retextures: $20-$80*
Avatar Clothing Retexture: $5-$20*Avatar Upload (Unity Setup): Avatar Retexture + $20-$80*

Artistic Freedom
You wanna give me full freedom on Textures and Setup?
This will be similar to the effort put onto my public models including the following:
Sakura Fennix, Chrimis Fennix, Cosmic Brownie Fennix
Pricing Starts at $149*

Check out my past work at my
public avatar world

*| Pricing depends on skills needed, texture details, Unity Setup, In Game Requests, etc..

Portfolio here


If you have any questions about any items I offer for sale, please give me a message.I respond the fastest through Discord and Telegram DMs.